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In keeping with my passion for all things related to coffee, I have created
The Trainer's Cafe
- a place for resources and conversation

Treats/Free Resources

More Goodies - e-Books by Jill Greenbaum

"101 + Tips for Delivering Awesome Presentations!" - By Jill Greenbaum
Captivating your audiences is a multifaceted, complex, and exciting endeavor. This ebooklet prompts you to create your personal vision of a superior presenter, assess your existing strengths and challenges in delivering presentations, and polish your skills in the areas of interpersonal communication, personal and presentation credibility. The learner-centered focus on the design, development and delivery of presentations makes this material unique.
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"The Fantastic Voyage of Facilitation - The Art and Science of Facilitation" By Jill Greenbaum
Superior facilitation results require an assessment of your existing capabiities, an understanding of the phases and components of the process, and a plan for implementation and evaluation. This ebooklet will start you on the path of personal discovery into the exhilirating experience of facilitation.
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Coaching from Jill

A brief chat
10 minutes free coaching
from Jill re: your project.
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Coffee and Conversation
Single Shot

30 minutes coaching
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Coffee and Conversation
Double shot

60 minutes coaching or
30 minutes materials review and 30 minutes coaching
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