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As an instructional designer and trainer I work with corporate, government, nonprofit, and education clients who want dynamic, challenging, and results-oriented training programs.

How is a comprehensive training package developed?
In creating professional development solutions, I focus on working with clients to envision the entire training process, its impact on the learners, and the organization. We discuss the needs and goals of the organization (or division, department, group, or individual worker) and develop a plan to gather and assess additional pertinent data. With a clear understanding of the data and the objectives, I create a high impact training program that addresses the specified areas of content and skill development in practical, interactive, comprehensive, and engaging sessions.

What are the elements of the comprehensive training package?

Training Needs Analysis

  • What's the current level of performance in the company (or at the division, department or worker's level)? And, what is the desired performance?
  • Has the gap in current and desired performance been analyzed to discover whether training is a part of the solution? What other factors are affecting performance? How will these be addressed?
  • Are you planning new initiatives that will require training?

Training Program Design

  • Are the training programs in your organization well designed?
  • Do the designers use an instructional systems design process?
  • Is the design validated and revised using several formative evaluation strategies?

Training Program Development and Delivery

  • Do you have questions about the appropriateness of the training content, wondering if the training program meets the targeted need? Are trainers competent and confident when delivering program content, activities and materials, so that objectives are met during the training?
  • Are your trainers using the most current information about reaching learners - using brain compatible, multisensory approaches, and tapping learners' multiple intelligences?
  • Are trainers getting the best responses from learners through their understanding and use of Accelerated Learning techniques?

Training Program Evaluation

  • Are learners engaged in the learning/training process?
  • What are learners showing and telling you about their training experiences?
  • Are they demonstrating achievement of objectives during the training?
  • Can you see the transfer of training back on the job?
  • How is the return on investment being assessed?

Coaching/Skill Refinement for Trainers

  • Have your trainers had the professional development opportunity to refine their delivery skills, and increase their self confidence through taking a comprehensive "Train the Trainer" course.
  • Or, would your trainers benefit from some coaching - to polish their delivery techniques, thereby enhancing learner engagement and training program outcomes?

Sample training program offerings include:

  • Business Communication - Creating Powerful Presentations I
  • Coaching- Bridging the Gap between Where We Are and Where We Want to Be
  • Communication - Planning for Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution- Planning for Healthy Conflict
  • Diversity - Creating the Ideal Work Environment
  • Facilitation Skills - Working with Groups to Achieve Their Goals
  • Instructional Design - ACE Training Design: Accelerated Learning, Creative Design, Effective Results
  • Interpersonal Relationships - Understanding Ourselves/Understanding Others
  • Interviewing - Preparing for Your Next Interview; What You Need to Know to Select the Best Candidate
  • Leadership - Dimensions of Leadership
  • Presentation Skills - Creating Powerful Presentations II
  • (Dis)Stress Reduction - How will you take better care of yourself?
  • Train the Trainer - Capturing Learners' Attention

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"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."
G. Sheehy
"The three days flew. The way Jill set us up on the first day started a momentum that easily got me through the three days, and it could've lasted longer. Much to learn, much learned, and plenty of opportunities to think about and share how we can apply what we are learning."
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