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What is group coaching, and how is it different from personal coaching?
Group coaching is defined as coaching that takes place with two or more people simultaneously. A key distinction of group coaching is that a synergy exists within the group often producing outcomes greater than each individual's contributions. All communication within the group setting is considered confidential.

What are the benefits of group coaching?
Group coaching provides a wealth of opportunities:

  • Clients discover that they are not alone in facing challenges
  • New ideas are generated from others who are in the same place
  • Clients can provide different perspectives and new paradigms
  • Each client can listen and learn from others - the shared knowledge and synergy is very powerful
  • The setting encourages interaction, sharing, and bonding skills
  • Clients develop a commitment to the group
  • Creates an atmosphere of support and success
  • Networks are created (formal and informal), which continue outside of the call
  • More affordable than individual coaching for the client

How is group coaching different from training?

  • A coach listens, supports and challenges the client
  • A trainer, aside from ensuring transmission of training content, focuses primarily on the group and its dynamics, and secondarily on the individual
  • In coaching the content of the sessions is based upon the expressed goals of the client, permitting continual assessment and flexibility, ensuring a match between session content and the evolving needs of the client
  • The training curriculum is based on a needs analysis, and is designed prior to the training experience - ensuring standardized delivery, yet less flexible for responding to emergent needs
  • While training, the learners complete work during the program, in coaching the clients receive support, and challenges during the call, and do the work of reaching their goals between sessions
  • Trainers provide support during the program and perhaps colleagues/managers/supervisors provide support afterward
  • Coaches provide tools for growth during the session and empower clients to coach themselves in the future

"Good communication is stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after."
A. M. Lindbergh
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