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What is personal coaching?
Personal coaching provides you with dedicated time to explore new goals and to reach them. As I learn about you, and discover what living a full life means to you, I provide structure, support, and many of the tools needed to move forward. I will help you sharpen your focus on your life in order to produce results more quickly. You will be encouraged and challenged to do more than you would do on your own.

What are the benefits of personal coaching?

  • Personal coaching puts the spotlight on you and what you want to achieve in the many areas of your life

  • You have the opportunity to think broadly and deeply about your life and to create a vision that excites you

  • Our collaborative relationship creates the momentum for making changes, as I hold you accountable to your vision, the strategy, and the tactics you have chosen to achieve success

  • "Tolerations" - things that are dragging you down - become clear and you work to eliminate them

  • Simplifying your life, which creates more time and energy for doing what you love, becomes a way of thinking and being

How is personal coaching different from therapy?

  • Coaches work with people who are happy with their lives and are designing their futures based on a strong personal foundation
  • Therapists work with people who are healing from painful pasts or current traumas
  • Coaches and clients create an equal partnership, coaches also grow through the coaching relationship
  • In therapy, the client often chooses the therapist to be the expert and to move the client forward
  • Coaching usually occurs over the telephone, sometimes in an office or over the Internet
  • The coach helps clients articulate their values - matching future goals and outcomes to those values - asks questions, strategizes, helps clients learn new skills, and use tools to engage in action and achieve results
  • Therapeutic sessions are conducted face-to-face, and the therapist does not give advice

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New - individual and group retirement coaching. Click here.

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