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The Coaching Game - By Points of You

A unique deck of 65 Coaching Cards depicts topics and corresponding visual points of view.

A 165 page, full color Coaching Book contains stories, quotes and questions from hundreds of perspectives on each of the 65 topics.

A Layout Process Chart & Focus Notes with four coaching processes to guide exploration of specific issues. Incorporate the power of writing and creating an action plan into your process.


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Punctum - By Points of You

33 Word Cards—the words correspond to those featured in The Coaching Game

33 Photo Cards—the 33 new cards that feature only a photo without any accompanying text

33 Question Cards—33 powerful questions to generate quality conversation

User guide and layout chart.


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From Chaos to Calm: Tapping for Visual Practitioners

From Chaos to Calm, Tapping for Visual Practitioners provides basic information about Emotional Freedom Techniques/tapping for use in response to the realities of our work with clients, tools, techniques, and environments. This book supports graphic facilitators, recorders, and coaches in moving toward a sense of clarity, confidence, and the ability to access their highest abilities. Visual practitioners will learn to transform challenges into moments of personal and professional growth. Dr. Greenbaum's "coach approach" to the vicissitudes of the work is filled with understanding, support, and encouragement.

This book is for visual practitioners who are in touch with their thoughts and feelings about the people and the environments within which they work. Readers will find a sense of camaraderie, a process, tools, and resources designed to help them do their very best work.

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"101 + Tips for Delivering Awesome Presentations!" - By Jill Greenbaum

Captivating your audiences is a multifaceted, complex, and exciting endeavor. This ebooklet prompts you to create your personal vision of a superior presenter, assess your existing strengths and challenges in delivering presentations, and polish your skills in the areas of interpersonal communication, personal and presentation credibility. The learner-centered focus on the design, development and delivery of presentations makes this material unique.
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"The Fantastic Voyage of Facilitation - The Art and Science of Facilitation" By Jill Greenbaum

Superior facilitation results require an assessment of your existing capabiities, an understanding of the phases and components of the process, and a plan for implementation and evaluation. This ebook will start you on the path of personal discovery into the exhilirating experience of facilitation.
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Plan Your Fun!

Plan Your Fun - the Book
by Jill Greenbaum

From the moment you open the guidebook you will start to create a personal vision that is fun, exciting and engaging. Use the ideas and exercises in this guidebook with the FUN! Week Planner to redesign your daily life.

Take the challenge: work and play your way through this guidebook and in 4 weeks you will be leading more of the life you desire.

My FUN! Week Planner - the wall planner

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  • Click here or on the image below to see a .pdf version of the My FUN! Week Planner.

  • Click here to see the table of contents page. (page 5)

  • Click here to see a list of sample projects from the book. (page 7)

Plan Your Fun - the Package

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The package includes:

  • a wall planner,
  • a book,
  • notes
  • and a pen!

Here is a sample of the Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment reports.

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Take it one step further! Click here to contact Jill about taking the Platinum Rule and scheduling one half hour coaching session to discuss your results.

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Creating dynamic learning environments is one of my passions. What are you interested in learning? I offer personal and professional development solutions through two avenues: coaching for individuals and groups, and, training design, development, and delivery for clients in corporate, government, nonprofit, and educational environments.

What are your interests or needs? I collaborate with individuals seeking to enrich their lives - whether individuals or groups - and provide a supportive, yet challenging environment. How might we work together?

I hope that you will contact me with your thoughts and questions.


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