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You are the architect of your future!

What is retirement coaching?
Retirement coaching offers the opportunity to allocate time and energy to planning for your future. With busy work and home lives, and retirement ten to fifteen years in the future, people often devote time to thinking only about their financial futures-ignoring the import of planning for their emotional, physical, and spiritual futures.

To ensure a future by design you need to create the time in your life to assess your expectations and preparedness for the next chapter of your life. Each sphere of your life: the time you devote to your personal development and leisure pursuits; emotional and physical health; your relationships with your partner, family, and friends; your career; and contributions to others, all these will be affected by your retirement. Thinking through the factors that comprise your current life, reflecting on your dreams, goals and vision, and communicating effectively with the significant members of your life about your future planning, are all foundational to creating the retirement you desire.

Yet, there are very concrete factors that will influence the ease with which you achieve your retirement lifestyle. Retirement coaching is focused on your retirement strengths and concerns, and supports you in developing a personal retirement plan. In planning for your retirement we explore your perceptions and attitudes about many different areas, such as:

your current life (life satisfaction, family/relationships issues, health, leisure interests, your adaptability)
aging and growing older
retirement and what it means to you
the role work plays in your identity and how that will change
your future life and what you want it to be (financial security and future life satisfaction)

and we discuss developing a personal retirement mission statement and plan.

What are the benefits of retirement coaching?
Retirement coaching is a way to begin imagining your future and starting the conversation with those who will be part of your post-career life
Our collaborative relationship supports you in your decision-making process by providing focus, structure, and support
You have the opportunity to think extensively about creating your ideal post-career life, to build a vision of the future you desire, and develop the plan for achieving it
We explore your answers to The Retirement Success Profile, a comprehensive tool that identifies the strengths and concerns of individuals preparing for retirement; and work with concrete information for formulating your next steps
Your retirement should be as individual as your fingerprint. Retirement coaching needs to mirror your uniqueness. You can create the coaching program that works for you.

The continuum of options includes (from the most simple to the most complete):

a complimentary session to learn more about retirement coaching;
purchase of the book, The New Retirement: Discovering Your Dream, by Richard P. Johnson;
and a range of coaching packages, which include the purchase of the online assessment, the Retirement Success Profile (and a complementary copy of the companion booklet, The New Retirement).
  The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Coaching packages offer the assessment, the book, and an increasing number of retirement coaching sessions.

Find more information and package prices on Individual Retirement Coaching here and on Group Retirement Coaching here.

To begin retirement coaching call Jill at 1.866.262.6224 or click here to request a free complimentary coaching session during which we will discover the options that are perfect for you.

Find out if you are ready for coaching here. (152k pdf files)

"You are the architect of your future; create the blueprint for the remainder of your life."
J. Greenbaum
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Click here to download and read the introduction to The New Retirement: Discovering Your Dream by Richard P. Johnson. (288kb .pdf file)

Order the book, The New Retirement: Discovering Your Dream by Richard P. Johnson, here.

Discover more about your retirement by taking the Retirement Success Profile (RSP). Contact me here about taking The Retirement Success Profile and receiving The New Retirement: Discovering Your Dream by Richard P. Johnson.

Contact me here about the variety of presentations and coaching programs available for individuals, groups, and corporations.

Discover the different types of retirement packages offered for individuals here. (152k pdf file)

Learn about the variety of presentations and coaching packages for groups here. (152k pdf file)

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