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What can you expect from me as your coach?
Coaching - for the sport of life - should be fun! We will look for ways to make progress toward your goals effortless. Together, we will always be looking for ways to "clear the decks" in your life, work, and relationships by simplifying and getting rid of the things that are taking up your energy and space.

The coaching time is YOURS, not mine. This is all about YOU. I will work with you on how best to use me as a powerful instrument for moving forward and having what you want in life. You will have a completely safe place to be yourself (however that looks on any given day), and what you and I talk about is held in the strictest confidence.

What do I expect from you as a client?
I look for clients who are excited about creating change in their lives. Making changes requires focus and dedication. I anticipate that you will develop and maintain an awareness of your progress, your challenges, and your agenda for our time together. We will brainstorm many different avenues to explore. Being open to new ideas and willing to take action is critical to your success.

Equally important to our relationship is communicating with me about any issues that are not being handled or are holding you back. I count on you to be forthright and timely if something is not working for you on a call or in the coaching relationship.

What can I expect from a complimentary coaching session?
In this free 30 minute session we will focus on who you are, where you're at in your life, what goals excite you, and how coaching can accelerate achieving them. Click here to learn more about a Complimentary Coaching Session.
Find out if you are ready for coaching. Take the Coachability Index Quiz here.

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